Happy Easter!

Well I think I might have eaten just a bit too much today…and I can’t even eat chocolate! I went on a 10.6 mile bike ride in the morning, my best yet (had a bike about 3 weeks now!) so I guess I can eat a little more. However I am definitely going to go back to my healthy eating routine tomorrow!

So yesterday I made cupcakes with hidden in rainbow balls. They were rather cool, so I added some to a cake. I tried to also ice it properly with some marshmallow fondant icing (yes…you heard that correctly, icing made with marshmallows!) but it didn’t quite work. It tasted nice, but I made it too thick, so I couldn’t roll it properly, and it actually looked like a big marshmallow!

I signed up to some of the classes on Craftsy – Clean and Simple Cake Design by Jessica Harris. I really recommend them. You can find out more from her blog: http://jessicakesblog.blogspot.co.uk/ I am still working through the first one, and I need to practice a lot, but was so pleased that I had a reasonably good looking cake!

Looks like a big marshmallow!

Looks like a big marshmallow!

I am trying to work out how I could practice more without having to eat it all…I wondered about asking friends and local parents if they wanted me to bake for parties and just charge for the ingredients. What do you think? Let me know your ideas in the comments!

Hidden surprise!

Hidden surprise!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Eat it all!!! I mean, if your cakes comes out this amazing – how can you NOT eat it all?!?

    That looks brilliant… bloody brilliant.

    Contact your local churches and schools, and see if they ever hold fairs/tombolas/coffee mornings, etc. If you’re just looking for practice, and not profit, I’m sure they’d be happy for your to be reimbursed for any expenses, and they’d get the profit from each slice sold. 😀

    • Thanks! I have eaten rather a lot! 😉

      What a cool idea. I will look into it. I keep trying to take lots of photos so I can make a little photo album to take with me to places.

      My step daughters’ school does cake sales…I will contact the PTA people and see how I can help!

      Thanks again! 🙂 x

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