Bread making today!

After all those goodies and cakes over Easter, I thought it was time to get on with some bread making instead! Something needed (run out) and something a little more healthy!

I make a standard bread mix (3/4 white, 1/4 brown) which I can make 3 loaves out of:

1lb 8oz strong white flour

8oz  strong brown flour

4 tsp salt, 4 tsp sugar

4oz margarine (melted and cooled)

3 sachets of yeast

water…how much? Well enough for making 3 loaves! I never measure it really, I just get a jug and mix up water until it is about 37°C and pour it in until I have mixed it enough. 2 parts cold from the tap, 1 part boiling water is about right, but I do use a thermometer to make sure (never used to, but it can make a huge difference…too cold, it doesn’t help the yeast and too hot it can kill it off…neither good).

When I have made it, I let it rise until double the size and then make into 3 loaves. I weigh these to get them all the same size. I didn’t used to, but my guessing isn’t great and I could make one huge and two small! Now I get them just about exactly the same. I left one as plain, one with some dried apricots and one with rosemary, walnuts and raisins…yum!

I also made some granary rolls. 8oz granary mix (you apparently can just use just this (a hovis bag of flour) but it seemed too much and that it wouldn’t rise) and 8oz strong white.

I have also been thinking about what to call a business for baking…do you think that I should include ‘Henley’ in the title (where I live). I thought that it might make it sound more professional. Thoughts?

here is the bread…rolls to go with dinner tonight 🙂

Bread bread bread

Bread bread bread!


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