Burger cakes!!

Hi Peeps!

The other day I saw these amazing cakes called the ‘Juicy Lucy Burger Cupcake’. Well I had to do them! I didn’t have the magic cake mixture they mention with the white stuff, but I didn’t care…I would do the rest.

I made normal fairy cakes (equal amounts of self raising flour, caster sugar, margarine and eggs), sprinkled seasame seeds on top and bung them in the oven for 15 ish mins at 180°C.

When they are fully cooled, cut them in half and then the fun begins. I made up some chocolate butter icing, added some green food colouring to some coconut, made up some plain butter icing with yellow food colouring and chopped up some strawberry laces! 

Burger cake 1

Sesame fairy cake – cut in half, chocolate butter icing for burger, green coconut for lettuce!

Burger 2

Strawberry laces for ketchup, yellow butter icing for mustard, the final burger complete!

These were loved by my step daughters and husband…unfortunately none for me as they are chocolate, but I did giggle lots when making them!

What ‘real’ looking food have you made that is cake or biscuit like?

Finished burger

Close up of burger cake!


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